Broadband Circulators

General Specifications

§  Frequency coverage to 18 GHz

§  Power up to 20W

§Temperature range from -30C to +70C

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Part NumberFrequency (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)VSWR (max)Isolation (dB)Power (W)Datasheet
EPCI-1000-2000-SF1 to 20.71.41520

EPCI-1350-2700-SF1.35 to

EPCI-2000-4000-SF2 to 40.61.41620

EPCI-3000-6000-SF3 to 60.61.41620

EPCI-4000-8000-SF4 to 80.61.31820

EPCI-5000-10000-SF5 to 100.61.31820

EPCI-6000-12000-SF6 to 120.61.41610

EPCI-8000-12000-SF8 to 120.51.252010

EPCI-10000-15000-SF10 to 150.51.252010

EPCI-12000-18000-SF12 to 180.61.351810

EPCI-8000-18000-SF8 to 180.81.51610

EPCI-6000-18000-SF6 to 181.51.91010