Terms and Conditions

Electro-Photonics LLC warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship when shipped from the factory.   In no event, shall Electro-Photonics LLC be responsible for any defects that are caused by the mistreatment or negligence of a buyer or a third party. 

Electro-Photonics LLC holds no responsibility for any product that has been altered or modified in any way.  We will repair or replace, at our sole option, any product that is returned by the buyer within 10 business days from the shipping day. 

Buyer shall not return any products for any reason without the prior authorization of seller and issuance of a Material Return Authorization (MRA) number.

Transport Insurance: The purchaser bears all expenses and risk of loss or damage from that time forward. Rights to the merchandise and the risk of loss, damage, or accidental destruction devolve upon the purchaser when Electro-Photonics LLC gives the merchandise to the carrier for shipment. The purchaser pays all freight and shipping costs, as well as any applicable insurance premiums for shipment of the merchandise.

Quotations and prices are valid for 30 days. Lead times and delivery will be established with order confirmation. All deliveries are quoted in business days, which exclude weekends and legal holidays, FOB Palm City, FL.

Electro-Photonics LLC reserves the right to impose a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and/or minimum purchase order (PO) amount of $250.  

Our evaluation boards are intended for the sole purpose of evaluating passive and active components.  Therefore, the evaluation boards should not be used in any upper level assemblies.

Electro-Photonics LLC complies with all US Export regulations and does not sell to countries under OFAC embargo.  Customers agree not to resell products, subject to US import/export controls, unless they have obtained the proper US license.  Customers warrant that they are not included on the US Denied Persons, Specially Designated Nationals, or Debarred Persons lists.

Electro-Photonics LLC reserves the right to change any information on this website without notification.


The Electro-Photonics Team