SMT Circulators

General Specifications

§  Frequency coverage to 12 GHz

§  Power up to 100W

§Temperature range from -40C to +110C

Counter Clockwise (CCW) rotation available upon request.  

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please email us at and we may be able to help you.

Product ImagePart NumberFrequency (MHz)Insertion Loss (dB)VSWR (max)Isolation (dB)Package Size (mm)DirectionDatasheet

EPCI-2496-2690-SMT52496 – 26900.61.43155CW

EPCI-3400-3600-SMT53400 – 36000.51.38165CW

EPCI-5150-5925-SMT55150 – 59250.61.43155CW

EPCI-2300-2400-SMT72300 -24000.351.22207CW

EPCI-2400-2500-SMT72400 – 25000.51.3187CW

EPCI-2496-2690-SMT72496 – 26900.381.22207CW

EPCI-3300-3600-SMT73300 -36000.351.22207CW

EPCI-3300-3800-SMT73300 – 38000.41.25197CW

EPCI-1805-1880-SMT1805 – 18800.31.222010CW

EPCI-2300-2400-SMT2300 -24000.31.22110CW

EPCI-2490-2690-SMT2490 – 26900.31.172010CW

EPCI-2515-2685-SMT2515 – 26850.31.222010CW

EPCI-3300-3800-SMT3300 – 38000.31.22110CW

EPCI-3700-4000-SMT3700 – 40000.251.22110CW

EPCI-4400-5000-SMT4400 – 50000.31.22110CW

EPCI-4800-5100-SMT4800 – 51000.31.22010CW

EPCI-960-1215-SMT960 – 12150.51.382015.5CW